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Class 4 Forest School Trip!


Class 4's trip to Forest School!!!


Hello everybody. Today, we will be telling you all about Class 4's amazing trip to forest school. Have you every been there?  We had a lovely time and if you want to discover more about our incredible adventures, please read on...


The journey to forest school:

 To begin with, we had to take a very long journey to forest school. Luckily, kind Miss Denial allowed us to choose our funny bus partners therefore we were very entertained on the bus journey. On the journey, we played entertaining games and we also had calm conversations. After about 30 minutes, it was time to get off of the enormous bus and thank the generous bus driver. It was then time to meet Dorothy.


Getting to base camp:

Once everyone was off of the ginormous bus,  we sensibly formed a line in order to meet Dorothy.  After that, we swiftly strolled to base camp which was in the gloomy woods. Unfortunately, it was it was extremely muddy however in the end everyone made it to base camp  fairly clean.  After we had recapped the rules, ( no pick, no lick, be careful with that stick) Dorothy carefully explained our first fabulous activity so we knew what we were doing. It was orientating.


Our first activity:

Our first activity of the day was orientating. Firstly, Miss Denial swiftly sorted us into three evenly mixed groups which were very big. As soon as everyone had been sorted, we rapidly made our way towards our assigned posts. Also, each group had a pile of colored cards which we had to collect during the trail. On each card, there was a very challenging fraction which went something like this: There were 18 blackberries on a bush. A badger ate 1/6 of them. How many blackberries were left? Each answer was the next post that we had to go to. Eventually, everyone had finished the exciting trail and had made it back to base camp safely.


The tallest tower competition:

After the orientating, we moved onto the tallest tower competition. All we had to do was build a very tall tower out of sticks however, the twigs could only be 30 cm long! We had half an hour to complete this challenge  therefore everyone quickly set to work. At first, we thought it would be extremely difficult but once we had started, we found it quite easy. After 30 minutes, Dorothy noisily blew her shiny whistle which made everyone stop immediately. After a few seconds, Dorothy clearly explained that she would now carefully measure all of the tall towers. Once she had measured all of them, she said, "the winners of this competition were;  Megan, Dolores, Sasha and Casey-Mae." That ended the second activity of the day.


The third activity:

After all the exhausting building, Miss Denial sternly told us to get into the three groups that we had been in before. As soon as we had done that, Dorothy joyously explained the 3 different activities. because there were so many of us in 1 group, not everyone got a turn on each challenging activity. We cheerfully worked as a team in order to solve the difficult problems. After all of the hard work, it was finally lunch time. (HORRRRAAAAYYYYY).


Lunch time:

Everyone happily made their way to the camp fire circle in order to eat their scrumptious, delicious and appetising lunch. During it, Dorothy enthusiastically started to explain how to set up a fire that will crackle beautifully in the air. Eventually, everyone had finally finished their yummy lunch therefore Dorothy cautiously  started the luminous, burning fire in order to allow us to nervously roast our fluffy, colorful and soft marshmallows.


Roasting Marshmallows:

After all of our hard work, Dorothy finally announced that we would be roasting tasty marshmallows therefore there was a very loud cheer amounst the forest of shady trees made by year 4. Once Dorothy had joyfully told us that we could roast our squishy marshmallows, we were all very excited although we were only allowed to go near the scorching fire in groups of 6! Lots of us had to wait however everyone got there in the end.


Our free time:

Finally, after all our patient waiting it was our favourite part of the day which was FREE TIME!!!!!!!!!(YAYYYY)

Everyone started excitedly talking about what they were going to do after much thought lots of people built dens some people went to the mud kitchen in order to get some squelchy mud pies!


Going home

After all of the fun we had had during the day, it was finally time to go home. Eventually, Dorothy kindly showed us the way to the enormous coach and as soon as we got there, we swiftly changed our muddy wellies and said "thank you Dorothy!" As soon as we had all said thank you, the coach slowly set off to our wonderful school. When we got near enough, we climbed out of the ginormous, comftorable and colorful coach, politely said thank you to the bus driver and slowly hiked back up to school.



Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading about Class 4's  amazing trip to forest school but its now time to go therefore we will see you soon. BYE!!!