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History in the foundation stage is taught as an integral part of the topic work covered during the year and the children determine many of the topics taught based on their own interests and play preferences.  The statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 2021 Understanding the World learning area will be followed. The curriculum opens a child’s mind up to what they can learn about events, people and places in the past via a play based, self-discovery approach. 

Year 1 to 6
Under the History Curriculum at our school, Thresholds and Milestones pupils should be taught about are to:


  • investigate and interpret the past

  • build an overview of world history

  • understand chronology

  • communicate historically


All year groups will make direct cross-curricula links with other subjects and literature including core class texts, where possible. 

WVPS Curriculum, under our school Curriculum Map, pupils should be taught about:

Year 1 

  • Kings and Queens

  • Toys - Changes in Living Memory


Year 2

  • Locality

  • The Fire of London and the Plague

  • Famous People from the past such as Florence Nightingale and Roald Dahl 


Year 3

  • The Stone Age to Iron Age

  • The Romans 


Year 4

  • Invaders and Settlers Anglo Saxons followed by the Vikings

  • Recap Roman decline through to Norman Invasion

Year 5

  • The Victorians

  • Ancient Egypt


Year 6

  • Study beyond 1066 = World War 1

  • The Mayans

  • Ancient Greece




For more information please contact the subject leader, Mrs Swanson, alternatively please look at your child's class page.