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BISI Badminton




On Friday 10th July 2015, Phoebe, Mia , Alice, Keira, Peter, Ali, Callum, Ewan were all there in Stoke Mandeville stadium  nervously waiting to begin. After a while we went into the gigantic sports hall . Even though Waddesdon Village Primary School is a very small school we represented Buckingham .The ceremony began at 10;00am so we had to wait 45 minutes. Despite the fact we waited a long time it was very exciting. Soon after we had a funky fun disco but quickly running out came all the amazing mascots. Our mascot was Busby the bee! It was really exciting because Winning Waddesdon had never really come this far. Then the mascots had a huge race , Winston the wolf won although Busby the bee cheated. Soon the activities began. we had 8 activities that we had to complete. After we did 4 activities we had delicious lunch. Then we had to do 4 more activities. Finally they announced that Waddesdon had won. Everyone went crazy.

All thanks to Miss Forchione - none of would happen without her.


By Ali, Peter, Phoebe, Alice, Mia and Keira.