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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher

Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher 1 Miss Forchione - Headteacher
Headteacher & Deputy Headteacher 2 Mrs Leslie - Deputy Headteacher/Class 5 Teacher

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Mrs Smith - Class R Teacher
Class Teachers 2 Miss King - Class 1 Teacher
Class Teachers 3 Miss Cross - Class 2 Teacher and SENCo
Class Teachers 4 Mrs Ellis-Jones - Class 2 Trainee Teacher
Class Teachers 5 Mr Webberley - Class 3 Teacher
Class Teachers 6 Mrs Broomhead - Class 4 Teacher
Class Teachers 7 Miss Screech - Class 4/5 Teacher
Class Teachers 8 Mrs Swanson - Class 6 Teacher

Part-time Class Teachers

Part-time Class Teachers 1 Mrs Morris - PPA Teacher
Part-time Class Teachers 2 Mrs White - Part-time Pupil Premium Teacher
Part-time Class Teachers 3 Mr Mitchener - Supply Teacher (French)
Part-time Class Teachers 4 Mrs Partridge - Supply Teacher
Part-time Class Teachers 5 Mrs Harries - Supply Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistant – Mrs Watkins

KS2 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Arnaud

KS2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jones

KS2 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Patel

KS2 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Saw

KS2 Teaching Assistant – Miss Tibbetts

KS1 Teaching Assistant – Miss Bradford

KS1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Dempsey

KS1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Inkpen

KS1 Teaching Assistant – Miss Saunders

KS1 Teaching Assistant – Mrs Smith
PP Teaching Assistant – Mrs Horder

PP Teaching Assistant – Miss Worts


School Support Staff

School Business Manager – Mrs Meadows

Administrator – Mrs Thompson

Caretaker – Mr Hardiman

Mid-day Lunch Supervisor – Mrs Stockdale

Mid-day Lunch Supervisor – Miss Saunders

Casual Mid-day Lunch Supervisor – Mrs Smith