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Year 1 - Our history topic is ‘The Olympics’, to be taught in the summer term. We will be looking at the history of the Olympics from its origins in Greece through to the modern day Olympics. Children will be learning about the different counties that have hosted the Olympics, Olympic traditions and the history of the Paralympics.


Year 2 - Children learn about The Great Fire of London, a significant event beyond their living memory, about Florence Nightingale, an important individual and Roald Dahl, a significant historical person from our locality.


Year 3 - In Class 3 the children will study the Stone Age and the Romans. Through these topics, children are introduced to the idea that people from other societies have been coming to settle in Britain for a long time.

The Stone Age – children will learn that the earliest hunter-gatherers came to Britain from Europe in around 450,000 BC, ending with the invasion of the Romans in AD 43. Children will learn the story of how these people settled and began farming the land. They will also research the lifestyle including clothing and food.


Year 4 - This year across History and Geography, year 4 will be learning about:

Autumn term: The Anglo-Saxons and Scots

Spring term: Trade links and mapping in France

Summer term: The Vikings

As a creative curriculum, these topics will be interlinked with other subject areas, including Art and DT, English and Drama and Computing.


Year 5 -  In History, Year 5 learn about our locality in Victorian times and the Ancient Egyptians.


Year 6 - In history, the children explore the ancient Greek and Mayan civilisations, seeking to understand life and culture in societies that were wholly different to their own, and recognise the achievements and influence of those civilisations on the western world. Their historical enquiry skills become more finely tuned as they consider questions of change and cause and continuity and use a range of sources including artefacts, art, books and the internet.

For more information please contact the subject co-ordinator, Mr Webberley, alternatively please look at your child's class page.