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Waddesdon Village Primary School

A Pathway To Excellence

Vision & Values



Waddesdon Village Primary School is a Pathway to Excellence


Our vision is centred on a commitment to excellence in learning and to high expectations. We aim to prepare every child for the challenges and changes of the future by giving them the opportunity to achieve the highest standards in their development.  We will provide a learning environment where each individual is valued and encouraged to give their best.

We are an inclusive school and every child is celebrated for their uniqueness. We work hard to ensure that we educate and care for the 'whole child' and that their needs are identified and addressed through personalised learning.

We also promote the key British Values of Democracy, Freedom of Speech, Tolerance and the Rule of Law through our assemblies and the curriculum.

We welcome visits to our school to see our values and ethos in action!


The aims of our school are:


  • To provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment in which the children and members of staff are valued.


  • To promote the health and well being of all the members of the school community.


  • To promote high achievement and learning for life so that children develop lively and enquiring minds.


  • To encourage children to acquire independence and self-esteem, and to take responsibility for their learning and development.


  • To foster good role models, emphasising respect and consideration for others and the world around us.


  • To provide a rich learning environment for all children regardless of ability, gender, race, religion.


  • To provide creative, exciting and memorable experiences inside and outside of the classroom.

  • To provide children with opportunities to be successful academically, creatively, physically, socially and spiritually.


  • To work in partnership with parents to inform them about and to involve them in the work of the school.


  • To welcome and promote the interest and participation of the local community in the school.


About Us

Our aim is that all the children who come to Waddesdon Village Primary School will be happy and successful. We believe that children's educational development is enhanced if we all work in a co-operative and positive partnership together.