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Waddesdon Village Primary School

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House Points

At Waddesdon Village Primary School, as part of our positive management, children are grouped into teams and are awarded team points for demonstrating good learning and positive behaviours.

Children collect team points on a weekly basis and these are counted and the winning team is celebrated in our collective worship on a Monday morning. The winning team win the cup of the week and are shown on the hall display.

Children also work together as a team during sports day and a cup is awarded to the winning team.


Glass Gems

At Waddesdon Village Primary School we pride ourselves on our positive relationships. We treat each other with mutual respect and work in a climate where openness and inclusion lay foundations for our values to be built upon.


Values Education underpins all aspects of our school life and gives staff and pupils the opportunity to discuss and reflect on the values in life that they believe in. Every month (4 week period) we base our assemblies and sometimes PSHCE on a different value, e.g. Respect, Thoughtfulness, Friendship, Honesty, Cooperation, Happiness, Trust. Pupils understand that these values are important if people in our society are going to live happily together.


The monthly value is displayed in large letters in the School Hall. Children are rewarded for displaying these values with ‘glass gems’. These gems are collected and when the pot is full the children decide upon their reward.


Star of the Week and Behaviour Award

  • Award of Star of the Week – presented in whole school celebration assemblies on a Friday for good work. These children are invited to the staff room on a Friday for biscuits and juice with Miss Forchione.


  • Award for Good Behaviour – presented in whole school celebration assemblies on a Friday, for showing positive behaviour or an improvement in behaviour.


Awesome Attendance Award

Waddesdon Village Primary School believe that regular school attendance is the key to enabling children to maximise the educational opportunities available to them and become emotionally resilient, confident and competent adults who are able to realise their full potential and make a positive contribution to their community.

At the end of each half term, attendance for all children is calculated. Children who have 100% attendance at the end of each half term, receive an 'Awesome Attendance' wristband and sticker. Class attendance is also calculated at the end of each half term and the class percentage is displayed as a block graph in the school hall on the 'Awesome Attendance' board. The class with the highest attendance get to have a MUFTI Day on the last Friday of each half term. The winning class also receive a certificate.  

About Us

Our aim is that all the children who come to Waddesdon Village Primary School will be happy and successful. We believe that children's educational development is enhanced if we all work in a co-operative and positive partnership together.