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Year 1 - In Autumn, children will focus on listening and responding to music and musical elements, this is taught with cross-curricular links. In the spring, they will learn about marches and processions and music which relates to dances and games. In Summer, they will focus on seasonal music which relates to food and farming.


Year 2 – Children will learn about a range of music through units on musical heroes, Australian music, performance skills for our KS1 play and sea shanties. During these units they learn to use their voices expressively, play tuned and untuned instruments, listen with concentration and experiment with music and sound.


Year 3 - In Class 3 music lessons are delivered by a Specialist Music Teacher from the Aylesbury Music Centre. A different instrument will be taught each term and these will include the violin and the recorder. At the end of each term the children celebrate their hard work by performing to an audience.


Year 4 - Year 4 will play and perform music using their voices and playing musical instruments. They will develop and use staff and other musical notations and develop their listening and attention skill to recall sounds.


Year 5 -  Year 5 will learn African Drumming. They will learn to keep a steady beat and play in time with the group. They will compose and perform their own rhythms. They will develop their singing voice, listening carefully for pitch accuracy.


Year 6 - Music lessons provide children with an opportunity to be creative! They will perform, listen to, review and evaluate the music of great composers as well as their own compositions, linked to their Rivers topic. Singing skills are the focus later in the year when the children prepare for the KS2 Production!

For more information please contact the subject co-ordinators, Mr Webberley and Mrs Leslie, alternatively please look at your child's class page.