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School Travel Plan

During this year,  two year 6 children,  Abigail Readhead and Keira Nitsche have been our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs).

They began the year attending a morning event and various workshops to understand their role in the school.

They have successfully kept records and been responsible for the collection of data all year of how children have walked to school.

Each month the class with the most children walking to school has received a trophy and individual children have received badges for walking to school.


A  travel plan committee has been put into place, including member of staff, parents and governors. Four parents/governors have also completed the "Footsteps" training. This is a road safety awareness programme for children in Years 2 & 3. This is scheduled to take place in the final week of the summer term for the current year 2 class.


The May winners of the Walk to School award were Class R - Well Done!


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Our aim is that all the children who come to Waddesdon Village Primary School will be happy and successful. We believe that children's educational development is enhanced if we all work in a co-operative and positive partnership together.