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Art and D.T.

Year 1 - Art and DT are taught with cross curricular links. In the autumn term, children will be looking at the work artists from around the world create and they will use a range of strategies to create similar artwork. In spring, children will focus on designing and creating a building from their local area. In summer, they will use what they have learnt in science about materials to create their own moving toys.


Year 2 – Children will undertake art units on drawing, printing, sculpture, painting, textiles and collage. In DT they will make vehicles, winding up mechanisms and puppets. Throughout these lessons they will use a range of materials creatively, use a range of techniques and learn about different artists and designers, comparing their work to their own.


Year 3 - In art children develop their skills in collage, painting, drawing, textiles, printing and sculpture. Where possible art is linked with topics areas.

In Class 3 DT areas covered are:

  • Sandwich snacks – children evaluate a range of shop bought sandwich snacks and then design, make and evaluate their own sandwich snack.

  • Moving Monsters – children evaluate range of moving toys. This will then enable them to design, make and evaluate their own moving toy that uses a pneumatic system.

  • Photo frames – a range of photo frames are evaluated and this then enables children to design, make and evaluate their own frame.


Year 4 - Children in year 4 will be learning sewing techniques using textiles to create a money container, designing their own pop-up book, building circuits to make torches and alarms and painting, printing and sculpture These topics will be linking in with our science and geography/history topics.


Year 5 -  In Art, Year 5 learn about print and textiles, looking at the work of William Morris. They improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting, collage and sculpture with a range of materials. In D&T, Year 5 work through the design and make process to make Victorian toys, biscuits and musical instruments.


Year 6 - Art and DT are linked into Rivers and History topics wherever possible.  The children develop skills in textiles, painting, collage, printing, sculpture and drawing, using a variety of different media and exploring the art of different cultures and great artists and designers.

For more information please contact the subject co-ordinator, Mrs Smith, alternatively please look at your child's class page.