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Wraparound Care

Wraparound and Holiday Child Care

Parent and Childcare Provider “rights to request”

All parents/carers of children in Reception up to Year 9 have the right to request that the school their child attends considers establishing wraparound and/or holiday childcare. 

You can refer to the guidance document issued by the Department for Education using the following link:

Childcare providers may also request to use school facilities for wraparound and/or holiday provision at times when the school is not using them.

By ‘wraparound childcare’ we mean before school childcare (for example, breakfast clubs), after school childcare (for example, regular provision that runs until 6pm or later). By ‘holiday childcare’ we mean childcare that is available through schools during the school holidays.

The timetable for the 2020/21 academic year is as follows:

Annual request window

30th April 2021 – 14th May 2021

Consideration of requests

17th May 2021 – 28th May 2021

  Response to requests

 14th June 2021


Only requests received within the  request window will be taken into account.  All requests for Waddesdon Village Primary School to consider establishing wraparound childcare, should be done on the Parentmail form which is being sent out on the afternoon of 30th April 2021.



  • Which days of the week childcare would be required
  • Whether this is regular or adhoc use
  • Whether the childcare is required before school, afterschool or holiday times
  • The age range of the children requiring the childcare
  • The expectation of cost for the type of childcare needed
  • Flexibility over where childcare will be


Childcare Providers

  • Which days of the week childcare would be provided
  • Whether the childcare would be provided before school, afterschool or holiday times
  • The age range of the children the childcare would be provided for
  • Details of experience in wraparound care
  • Ofsted status
  • Indication of cost and access to facilities


If the school receives 25 or more requests from parents or any requests from childcare providers during the window, the school will consider the requests taking into account following points:

  • The level of demand for wraparound and/or holiday provision for different age groups
  • Whether there are nearby schools/academies who would be interested in collaborating to offer wraparound and/or holiday provision
  • Whether there is suitable space available within the school to run the wraparound and/or holiday provision at the times requested without affecting extra-curricular activities and pre-existing community activities
  • Practical issues such as site security, cleaning etc.
  • Whether there is existing similar provision available locally
  • Whether there is sufficient leadership capacity to manage the provision
  • Whether there is evidence of value for money




Further information regarding existing local childcare services can be found here:





After-school outside provider

The school have links to Exposure Sport, an outside provider, who offers childcare before and after school hours.

The Multi-Sports Activities club is offered to all children in classes Reception to Year 6 and is held at the school. 


For more information, please contact the provider directly: