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Talk Tuesdays

This year we will be continuing with Talk Tuesdays. For those of you who weren’t with us when we did this before, the idea is to get children talking. On the first Tuesday of every month, children will be given a specific topic to be the talking point at lunchtime. The children will be encouraged to talk about that topic with their peers over lunch, and staff will be joining them to support conversation and model appropriate meal time behaviour.

The topics are listed here, so it would be great if you could put the dates in your diary and help support your child by discussing the topic with them prior to the Tuesday. Teachers will also remind them in advance of the topic in order to give them thinking time.

Whether your child is hot meals or packed lunch we will be encouraging them to join in the conversation to help promote speaking and listening skills which we feel go hand in hand with good reading and writing skills.


Previous topics of conversation have been:

October – Tuesday 3rd  – Where would you go on a magic carpet ride and what would you do there?

November – Tuesday 7th – What if it never got dark?

December – Tuesday 5th – What would it be like if it was Christmas every day?


Talk Tuesdays will be happening on these dates this term (Spring 2018);

January - Tuesday 9th - If you could have three wishes what would they be?

February - Tuesday 6th - What would do you if you were locked in a toy shop all night?

March - Tuesday 6th - Would you rather live in a desert or polar region? Why?


Thank you for supporting Talk Tuesdays!