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Year 1 - In year 1 we cover a range of fiction and non-fiction topics. Our non-fiction topics include: Labels, Lists and Captions, Recounts, Reports, Instructions and Explanations. We will focus on a range of narrative as part of our fiction topics. This will include exploring stories with predictable phrasing, stories which reflect children’s own experiences and Traditional Tales. Poetry is also a very important part of our English Curriculum. We will be focusing on poetry structure, rhyming couplets, free verse, reading a range of poetry and reciting it.

In the autumn term, children have access to a range of writing opportunities. As part of our learning environment, Class 1 has a writing area and an outside mark making area to support them with their writing. In Spring and Summer, children will start to take part in 'Big Write' once a week. This will allow them to look at a range of genres and then recreate these in their own writing.

Children are also taught Phonics daily in year 1. Children also have separate Guided Reading sessions where they are taught comprehension skills.


Year 2 – In Year 2 we cover a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry work. Fiction will include Fairy Tales, Stories with recurring literary language and Myths. Non-fiction will include Explanations, Instructions, Reports and Recounts. Poetry will include calligrams and appreciation of specific poets. Throughout these genres children will be developing their spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary skills. Children will take part in 'Big Writing' and Reading Comprehension once a week, as well as separate Phonics/Spelling teaching and regular Guided Reading sessions. 


Year 3 - In Class 3 the children will read, evaluate and compose a variety of narrative, non-fiction and poetry. Fables, Plays, Traditional Tales and Adventure/Mystery stories will be studied. Non-fiction genres covered in Class 3 include Recounts, Instructions, Explanations, Reports and Persuasive letter writing. Limericks, Haikus, Tankas and Kennings will be taught as part of poetry.

The children will also take part in a 'Big Writing' lesson once each week. During this time children have the opportunity to evaluate a certain text type and then use this to support them in writing the same text type but on a different subject matter. Each week the subject matter will be linked to a topic being studied in another curriculum area.

Children will be involved in a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPaG) lesson and a Reading Comprehension lesson once a week.

Regular Guided Reading sessions take place in addition to English lessons. 


Year 4 - In fiction, year 4 will be learning about Greek quest myths, story writing and have the opportunity to write and perform a play. Our non-fiction topics are Report writing, Persuasive writing, Discussions and Explanations and our Poetry topics include Riddles, Free Verse and Narratives. At the end of each term we have a two week focus on a book of choice.

We also do a 'Big Write', focusing on a different aspect of English each week. SPaG sessions run weekly and this area is also covered during our English topics. Regular Guided Reading sessions take place in addition to English lessons.


Year 5 - In English, Year 5 learn about many different writing genres. In fiction, they study Traditional Tales, Suspense and Mystery and fiction from our literary heritage. In non-fiction, they learn about Recounts, Explanations, Persuasion, Instructions, Reports and Discussions. In Poetry they study free verse poems - building their vocabulary, Cinquain poems, spoken word poetry/rap and poetry appreciation. Across these units spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught. 'Big Writing' and Reading Comprehension sessions are taught weekly. Regular Guided Reading sessions take place in addition to English lessons.


Year 6 -  In English, the children will have the opportunity to explore different genres including: Narrative,  Poetry, Explanations, Reports, Recounts, Persuasion and Discussion. 

Each week the children will have a  ‘Big Writing ‘,  spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG), and Reading Comprehension lesson and skills learned will be integrated into their written work which will regularly have a cross-curricular focus.  Regular Guided Reading sessions take place in addition to English lessons.

Reading Scheme and Phonics

Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Useful Websites
For more information please contact the subject co-ordinator, Miss Cross, alternatively please look at your child's class page.